Friday, 3 June 2011

Unfinished business

Procrastination...writer son is proud of his ability to actively procrastinate and I fear he has in herited it from me. Whereas hubbie, once he has started a project will always complete it, often in the same day, I have a wealth of unfinished projects, spring cleaning jobs snd bright ideas that are reproachfully calling me every day. My response...bake a cake, do some weeding, the ironing and now even open this blog...
If I list them will I feel more motivated or not? I have a list in my diary of the crafty jobs with due dates but that didn't help.

On my week's holiday I planned to finish
  • a prom dress (just needs hemming)
  • a stained glass shawl (just needs a fringe)
  • a crochet shawl - well I got to the last row, decided I didn't like it and unravelled it so now I have to finish
  • another shawl
  • 3 Wheres Wally hats - finished one then got distracted by the bad crochet number
  • four or five necklaces (all needing me to buy some component)
  • a prototype notebook cover
  • oh and a crochet bunny with a tail but no face!
So watch this space

There will be day

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