Friday, 17 June 2011

New skills - wire crochet?

1. the three chains

 Things being tight at Twixt terrace, I had to delve into my stash to produce something for a fund raiser.

I have wire, I have beads and I have just learnt to crochet.
So I decided to teach myself wire crochet!
looked at some pictures, made 3 chains with beads, scrunched the ends up a bit and made a bracelet!

2. scrunched up at the ends

I love it and hopefully someone else will love it enough to pay for it.

There will be matching earrings too!

Of course when I'd finished I found an amazing video at Auntie's beads and realised my wire was all wrong and I am now trying to resist the impulse to buy some finer wire...and some more beads...

3. finished!

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