Monday, 9 January 2012

In which Twiz starts counting her blessings instead of her grudges…


2011 Roma 015

I’ve come very late to the counting gifts party.
Which is strange when you consider that I am known as the one
Who always sees some good in a bad situation (well that’s what they think).
But I was a bit scared
Would I find anything
Or would I just be thankful over and over again for my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner, lovely children, central heating…it’s not very spiritual is it?
And anyway, this week I was too busy counting grudges
everything unfair, everybody misunderstanding me
At church we were encouraged to write down a sadness
(we were thinking about the massacre of the innocents,
and how Jesus knew sadness and mourning)
And we wrote down what we would pray for, ask God for
And I found myself praying for the one who hurt me
Because for all my good and righteous intentions I hurt them too.
So I counted that a blessing
And many more followed…

7. overhearing big brother playing with little brother

8. and teaching him Maths

9. and helping with his chores

10. this old house

11. looking through my new windows

12. seeing blue skies again

13. reading the January Joy dare

14. then making this journal

15. and seeing blessings fill the pages.

16. in my bag this notebook from a lovely friend

17. in my fridge, pickle made by my husband

18. in my heart gratitude that I was led to this dare.

19. my Dad sending cake round for Uni

20. my Mum carrying it round in her trolley

21. and my son for offering to share it.

22. Light that caught me yesterday, shining on the waves

23. My son’s reflection surprised me, contacts, no glasses.

24. lovely shadows of the breakwaters.

25. a gift in my hand, banana and cinnamon muffin.

26. walking by our new desk

27. sitting down to breakfast with my son

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  1. I like how you word that, counting blessings or grudges. This is the second post I have read with One Thousand Gifts. I think I need to do it for sure now! Thanks for your lovely post. ~



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