Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The home-made Prom dress

In a spirit of thiftiness, I decided to make my own dress to wear as a guest at a High School Prom. We didn't have Proms back in the day, not even a leavers' disco so I was really looking forward to it. And I was hoping to make a dress that would actually fit and be reasonably modest as I am not only petite (actually short) but also two different dress sizes...

I have just got back into sewing. My first project was a loose jersey shift which was well received, from a free Prima pattern, so I thought I was ready for a challenge. But I thought I'd save too much fitting by sticking with jersey and I also avoided confronting my fear of zips.

The pattern was a wrapover, full-length. Somewhat hard to fit, but luckily the stretch jersey helped with that. I managed to get a remnant on ebay of lovely black jersey and I found an old chiffon shawl that was my Grandma's in the loft to add a bit of luxurious sparkle, and as it turned out, to protect me on the windy balcony, where I got a good view of the limos.

the finished dress

And as for the prom...it was very enjoyable. A really lovely rite of passage for the students: a way to say goodbye to their schooldays and schoolfriends and start moving on.

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  1. I am impressed. My mom was a beautiful seamstress, but not me.




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